Course Archive

Here you will find all the courses we have previously run, descriptions of the courses, feedback from people who attended and the work produced from each workshop.


Course 9 Collograph workshop

Artist Jane Sandoe returns to run this popular workshop where you can really get to grips with creating your own textures and images to print from.

Liz’s collograph

An example of Jane’s collographs


Course 8 Screen Printing Weekend
2nd&3rd March 2013

The screen printing group’s final prints from the workshop


Course 7 Screen Printing Evening Course
22nd January – 12th February 2013

Ian screen printing on day 1 of evening course

preparing a screen to print

The first print of day 1

Fay’s screen print using paper stencils

Ian’s mass production of screen prints all over the shed and on our lovely Albion!


Course 6 – Screen Printing 
November 2012
Adam Piper & Hannah Catchlove
Introduction to screen printing over 2 days, using the all the main techniques. Suitable for beginners or as a refresher for those who have done some before.

Pauline’s Screen print of the dockyard, using paper stencils.

Caroline using one of our screen beds during the course


Course 5 – Screen Printing
1st 2nd November 2012
Adam Piper & Hannah Catchlove
Introduction to screen printing over 2 days, using the all the main techniques. Suitable for beginners or as a refresher for those who have done some before.

Our very first screen printing course was a success and everyone who came created some great prints and were really enthusiastic. There will be photos to come soon from this workshop.

Course 4 -  Intaglio printing, etching, aquatint and drypoint  
27th October 2012
Adam Piper & Hannah Catchlove
Introduction to the main etching techniques – dry point, intaglio and chine colle.

A full workshop with some great people who really enjoyed the day. We had people who had never done etching before and didn’t come from a creative background. Each person made 2 prints each, using different techniques taught on the day. The course went through preparing an etching plate, printing the plate, using the etching press and other techniques such as monoprint and chin colle.

Rachael’s goldfish

Tanya’s “Warren”

Barbara’s star fish

Hannah’s country lane

Warren’s Conductor

Steph’s Trees

Course 3 – Collograph
21st & 28th August

Jane Sandoe

Collagraph is an exciting way to make your own unique prints. Working on a card backing plate you will build up the surface using a collage of pva glue, string, tape,wool, lace, tissue, or sand  - in fact  anything with an interesting texture. Printing the plates using our rochat press forces an impression into the paper leaving a finished print that lies somewhere between an etching and a relief print.  Artists from Picasso to Hockney have used this technique to great effect, it’s good fun and such a simple process.

Jane’s Collograph work

Course 002 Introduction to woodcut and relief printmaking, including linocut
4th & 5th August
Adam Piper

Relief printmaking is possibly the most expressive and direct form of printmaking, in terms of carving out an image, inking it up and transferring it to paper. It can be quick, bold, colourful, monotone or equally it can be subtle and delicate. The techniques go back to the beginning of printmaking, and yet continue to be used by artists working today.

Tutor Adam Piper ‘the joy of wood cuts is in the way that whatever image you are trying to carve the wood takes over and the artist has no choice but to go with that, to incorporate the grain and the surface texture, it becomes the very body of the print..Lino on the other hand with its ease of cutting, lack of grain and freedom from historical references invites carefree exploration and image making’

Course 001   Introduction to linocut and relief printmaking
14th & 15th July
Adam Piper

Course tutor Adam Piper. “Out of all the printmaking mediums linocut is beautifully direct and quick to get great results. It still remains my favourite, full of surprises”

Printing will be using our fabulous Albion press, and the american Akua water-based inks. It would be useful, to save time, to bring some sketches with you to work from. Although this is not essential and it is possible to experiment with mark making from the beginning.

Open to beginners as well as experienced printmakers. The course may serve as an induction for further use of coal shed press studio.

The course will be for two days, 10am – 4pm with a break for lunch. We also supply tea and coffee but please supply your own lunch – we recommend the fabulous Cafe Moroc next door where lunch and a drink can be had for under £5.

Adam’s Two Hornsss