Coal Shuttle

As the younger sibling of coal shed press, ‘Coal Shuttle’ is a mobile print workshop coming to a venue near you!

Coal shuttle is fulfilling an educational role, taking the print studio to the schools, but we can also arrange activities for W.I. groups, adult or youth community groups and even an alternative activity for the occasional hen party.

An outreach service that can come to your location, from the classroom to the village hall, large or small, we can provide interesting and fun workshops at whatever level you need.

We have activities designed to fit around the curriculum, bringing the experience of the print studio to the classroom.

Printmaking is a traditional art form or craft that has long established techniques that have changed little over hundreds of years. It is now a process that has been reinvented with the aid of digital media, combining techniques to create new and interesting images.

The advances have made the printed form something new and exciting, and these workshops bring the combination of old and new back into schools, where it once was.

The inks have improved over the years and now are water based and solvent free making them a great new and safe material for all to use.

The workshops will cover techniques such as block printing e.g lino cut, colograph, mono printing and silkscreen.

Contact us with your ideas for your project!